As well as being The Geriatric DJ I am also Max Robison the writer. I play music to make people smile and be happy. I have been The Geriatric DJ now for three years. I have been a writer since I was a teenager. You can find out more about me as an author by clicking on WHO IS MAX ROBINSON. I used to write books simply for fun, I still write for fun but now primarily I write to make money. NOT, I hasten to say, to make money to fill my own pockets but to fund projects within The Sunshine Smile Crew and good causes The Sunshine Smile crew seeks to support.

I said I do not write books to fill my pockets with money, that is true but it is also not quite true. All Sunshine Smile Crew projects are funded from my own pockets but my pockets just are not deep enough to do everything we want to do and so the books from Max Robinson are setting out to add lots of money to my pockets. Does that make sense ?

While some of my books are available in paperback format all are available as e-books. Most are priced at 99p with some at 1.99. Below are the current sales figures. Royalties are quite generous and realistic. Spend 99p and you get a book and between 50p and 69p ends up in my pockets funding Sunshine Smile Crew Projects.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Earnings
17th Feb 1 2 1 0 3 0 1  
24th Feb 1   2     1    
So in two weeks across February we sold 12 books making 9 = 75p per e-book sold.
1st March     2         9.58

There are Amazon millionaires, obviously I am not one of them.  The only difference between an Amazon Millionaire and Max Robinson is the fact that they promote their books and I have, until now, not bothered. That has to change !

At this moment in time I am spending around 100 a week on Sunshine Smile Crew projects. To cover that we need to sell 200 books a week.

I spend 10 on gifts for The Food Bank, buying things for The Dreamsai Lunch of Love comes in at around 50. I then need printing ink, envelopes, paper and stamps and my car does not run on fresh air !

Just with what is happening right now we could increase support for The Food Bank to 25. 100 a week is more realistic for Dreamsai. Printing and car fuel to reach out to our homeless rough-sleeping friends, developing simple positive activities need another 100. Sending Smile Cards to families with a child sick in hospital really needs 25 a week. We are looking there at 250 and book sales of 500 a week.

Amazon would say this is a very modest target and easily achievable.

Elvis Presley, The King of Rock and Roll, he appears as a character in one of my current projects. said AN AMBITION IS A DREAM FITTED WITH A V8 ENGINE.


You can see from the sales figures above that we are currently in the DREAM phase. To move from DREAM to AMBITION we need the help of every member of The Sunshine Smile Crew.

It isn't just a case of asking every member to spend 99p a week - I hate asking for money anyway - it is more a case of asking members to promote books. Sharing the bookshelf like crazy on social media and more.

We need those who have actually purchased an e-book and read it to post a review on Amazon. In every way possible we need to get the word out. At that point we move to AMBITION.

I have said that I do not want to be an Amazon Millionaire. As well as the royalties paid on books sales Amazon puts up a monthly prize fund of around 20million to share among its top authors. SILLY MONEY !

Just imagine the smiles we could generate with silly money !  For many, many people we could end their lives of rough-sleeping. We could fund projects of love for families with a child sick in hospital. We could offer some amazing activities for teenagers in schools.

Right now we need to get people to check out our BOOKSHELF, buy a book, post a review, tell their friends then go back to buy another book.

You can download this e-book for 99p. Click on the cover above

To make this happen, to start things moving we need YOU..................

Go to the Bookshelf NOW.....

Move us along the pathway from a DRAM through AMBITION and to REALITY.

David Ashford The Geriatric DJ